What Kind of Doors Do You Like?

When I was growing up, I had a glass shower door on a track that went back and forth and I remember my parents always yelling at us to wash it down as we got out so the soap would not build up. As we got older, my parents upgraded our house and our bathroom. They went to a really big bath and home store that sold shower doors in Queens NY and they were going to be really happy to get a regular shower with a curtain because they said it is easier to replace a curtain instead of washing down a door every single day. My parents were really clean people and they liked to keep what little they had clean. I could not believe it when I realized that I was just as bad as they were when I got my first house and I decided that I would like to keep it clean as well.

I may not wash my floors as much as I should, but I do really like to take care of everything else. I love my house and I do have one shower door in my master suite which my husband really needs to replace and we also have a shower curtain in the other bathroom in my house. I really like the shower curtain and I think that it is really easy to replace it so I use that shower while my husband uses the shower where there is a stall. I also do not like the eighties style blocks that we have in between the shower and the rest of the bathroom, it looks like it gets moldy really fast. I really like the way that my husband will let me pick out a door and he will do the rest.