Dad Came to the Realization That It’s Important to Keep Learning

Ever since I was a child, I’ve had an interest in politics. This seemed so odd to my friends back in elementary school and high school. I enjoy learning about what goes on in our country. I have always thought that the country would be better off if more people paid attention and took the time to learn about how our government works. For instance, I try to read up a little each day on Trump news as well as other important things that are going on so that I can make sure that I keep up with it. It is sad to me that my own family does not do that very often.

The last time that I went home, my dad was raving about different things going on in the political world. I listened intently, and then every once in awhile. I would ask him to elaborate more on the things that he was upset about. What surprised me is that he was unable to talk about most things that he was upset about in any sort of detail. He could talk to me about these things in a very vague, general way at best. Due to the fact that I try to keep on top of learning about each of the things that he had a problem with, I was able to explain a few things to him, which impressed him.

After my father and I talked about a variety of political things, he said he felt a little bit better. He then admitted that he had not been keeping up with the news, and he sheepishly said that he knew that he needed to do better with that. I smiled and explained to him that a lot of things that we get upset about in this world often happen because of not having enough information. Often, I learn things that the government is doing and raise an eyebrow, but once I take the time to educate myself, I understand that there is nothing to worry about.