A New Spring and Newly Uprooted Trees!

Well, the spring storms got going just when I thought we would be spared a tough stormy season this year. The winds did a lot more damage this year even though they were not as bad as some prior years. I guess it is just our trees in our yard getting older. Two of the biggest elm trees came down. One actually got uprooted. I think digging by the utility companies at the sidewalk and street damaged the root structure on that side weakening it. The wind pulled it up on that side,and calling a tree service in Long Island was necessary to get rid of the two that fell and to trim the rest of the trees in our yard.

We had an oak that was getting too big too. We were going to try and just cut it back as much as possible, but it was better to bring it down. Good thing too as the center was almost completely hollowed out, and you could not tell from looking at it that it was damaged at all. The leaves filled out every year and it looked perfectly healthy. We got rid of all but one taller tree. We opted to plant several much shorter varieties in the empty spaces. Trees are nice, but when they threaten your house they need to come down or be pruned.

Our goal now is to keep our trees that are left well pruned and to do the same for our newly planted ones. This will keep us from getting into the position again where we need to have trees removed. It is far more expensive to cut down a tree than it is to just keep them pruned. I can even do that with the smaller trees such as the Japanese maples we planted.