A New Roof My Newest House Project

I flip houses for a living. When there is one where I see a lot of potential, my bargaining side comes out. There are a lot of things I have to take into consideration, because some places are just not worth it, no matter how cheap of a price I get for it. If it costs pennies on the dollars, but it costs me hundreds of thousands of dollars to fix, then it’s usually not worth it. For a house I looked at the other day, I had to consider roof installation in Brooklyn NY.

The foundation and structure of the house are really solid, and there is so much potential there. I knew that I was going to have to gut the house and redo all the wiring and plumbing though because too many shortcuts were taken. That is my area of expertise though. The roof is a different matter. I am not a roofing expert, but I have learned a thing or two over the years. I knew that we were not talking a repair here but an entire new roof. I don’t even handle roof repairs myself because I am just not qualified, so I contacted the company that I always hire to do that for me.

I have never bought a house where I needed to replace the entire roof, because that is adding a lot of cost to a project for me. This house just had so much potential though, and I wanted to get a quote on what a new roof installation would cost me. The roofing company came out yesterday and looked at it, and they agreed that the roof would need to be taken up and a new roof put down. They quoted me a price and after some quick calculations, I knew that I would make a nice profit even after putting on a new roof. They are coming out next week to get started!